In general we have a "there is no main logo!" policy with Squid Bikes.  However  the above two logos I designed are mainstays.

One of the Space Camouflage colorways for Squid Bike's 2017 cyclocross season. These kits can be purchased here as part of the Squid Separates Collection at Eliel Cycling.

Simple Squid logo in groovy animated form.

Really happy how this design came out.  The photo is of pro Cyclocross ripper Sammi Runnels rocking this skin suit while on-route to WINNING this UCI event in Melbourne, Australia!  So rad!!  Photo by Allister Payne.

Squid Bikes pro ripper Anthony Clark seen here ridding a UCI event in Melbourne Australia is the rad grey camo racing suit. Photo by Allister Payne.

Artwork created for collaboration between Squid Bikes and Bike Dog Brewing.

Checkered logo.  You can never have too much checkered patterns going on.

We thought it would be interesting to try some floral prints as part of Squid's 2017 collection.  Pictured here is pro CX ripper Sammi Runnels in a Squid racing suit.  These kits can be purchased via Eliel Cycling.

Blocky logo and Tentacle logo

A few of the final kits with logos on patterns.

Rattlecan Repeating Pattern

Examples of the Rattlecan Pattern in the wild including on Emily Kachorek's racing suit on route to the podium in the Melbourne UCI event.

More logo's I've designed for Squid in recent years.

Espionage pattern designed for Anthony Clark's collection.  Decals and apparel can be procured through Squid Bikes.

Bike tube decals for Anthony Clark's Espionage Decal Kit

Espionage Monster Shorts.  They can be purchased at the Squid Separates Collection at Eliel Cycling.

Detail of a repeating pattern which graced Emily Kachorek's 1st pro model for Squid Bikes.

More detail of a repeating pattern which graced Emily Kachorek's 1st pro model for Squid Bikes.

We put the graphics on the tires of Emily Kachorek's bike and it looked hella good.

Hells yes

Mermaids and El Caminos pattern for Anthony Clark's first pro model with Squid.

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