Election 2016 Icons

Icon set created for The Wall Street Journal's Election 2016 coverage.

Rising Drug Costs Icons

Icons created for a WSJ ongoing series on Rising Drug Costs.

Winter Olympics

Icon set created for the WSJ's coverage of the Sochi Olympics.

Sports Retort Icons

Some of the sports icons I created for the WSJ podcast The Sports Retort.

Privacy Scorecard Icons

A few of the many icons created for a privacy scorecard interactive.

3D Printing Icons

Some of the icons drawn for a WSJ video on 3D printing.  We went with more of a sketchbook/hand-drawn look for these.

Oscars of Everything Else

Icons for a WSJ interactive called The Oscars of Everything Else where categories were tallied such as Most Fight Scenes, Longest Credit Sequence, Most Dogs, Most locations and Most expensive.

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