Repeating silhouette pattern of curious objects.

Blocky Collection
A pattern collection inspired by Coney Island, Brooklyn and Sea Ranch CA.

Blocky in blue, pink and dark purple repeating pattern.

Blocky repeating pattern in orange and blue.

Blocky in blue, pink and dark purple repeating pattern closer detail.

Cryptozoology Repeating Pattern

A repeating half-drop pattern of strange creatures, mental graffiti and general cryptozoological leanings.

California Flag Pattern

I love living in California and made this pattern print as a show of enthusiasm for this place.

NYC Pattern

I spent 10 great years in NYC and made this pattern print to capture of few of the moments.

Childhood Pattern

Pattern print of the imagery of my childhood.

Aquatic Life Patterns

Scuba diving in Belize was probably the greatest outdoor experience I've ever had.

This pattern print was inspired by a dream I had about a Greenland Shark which was found to have plants and crustaceans growing upon it.

Strange Nature

A cryptozoological pattern

Adobe Draw Sketches
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